Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Water Floods the Shadows

Since I'm such a fan of ELLIE JORDAN, GHOST TRAPPER, I thought I might take you on another journey with author JL Bryan this October night.  The fall weather seems to have disappeared in favor of summer again, but the ghostly offerings remain like an unquenchable spirit.

Even though the mystery is somewhat lacking in this sophomore release of the series, COLD SHADOWS is still a good story with enough chills, spills and bumps in the night to make you sleep with the lights burning bright.  The spills come from water, water, and more water flooding the shadows of the household in this second book, so be sure and grab your life jacket.  We also have the chance to see a little more of Ellie's backstory and her connection to the mysterious ghost who killed her parents.

The Pauldings are a kindly couple who have fallen on hard times and are forced to accept the graciousness of extended family, with the understanding they will spend some money fixing up the once grand Georgian home.  But when their rebellious teen-aged daughter secretly dabbles in the dark arts, she unwittingly awakens the sleeping spirits with secrets of their own.

Thirteen-year-old Juniper gets a wake-up call when her temper rises and objects go crashing about the room, the books on her shelf tumble off, and her clothes start flying out of the closet.  Is it simply the overactive imagination of an angry female on the verge of womanhood, a young girl searching for attention and significance, or something more malevolent?

Seven-year-old Crane is quiet and shy, unlike most boys his age.  Shortly after having moved into the old house, he develops a fast kinship with two imaginary friends.  Only problem - they might not be so imaginary after all.  And that makes Crane not-so-ordinary.

It's up to Ellie and her sweet and silly sidekick Stacey to discover the truth behind what really happened one horrible and frightening Christmas season - before the Paulding's son becomes the next victim.

Join me in reading COLD SHADOWS this Halloween season.  You'll never be able to look at a pond the same way again.  Or a belt.

Read the story to find out why.

You can pick up COLD SHADOWS at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere else eBooks are sold.

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