Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Boogeyman Has a Name

If you want to up the creep factor this Halloween season, just pick up the third novel in JL Bryan's Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series.  Of all five novels I've read thus far, THE CRAWLING DARKNESS has to be my favorite.  The mystery is entertaining and keeps you guessing, the history lesson of the Savannah area is intriguing, and the exploration of the character backgrounds really provide something to sink your teeth into.

Did I also mention this one is the creepiest?  On the verge of too frightening for me - but I made it through to the satisfying end.  I wanted to give myself a pat on the back, then hide under the covers for the remainder of the night just waiting for the sun-rays of morning.

'Cause the boogeyman is coming for a visit to a closet near you.  And no, I'm not talking about cuddly blue and green monsters who pretend to be scary.  In THE CRAWLING DARKNESS, the boogeyman has a name - a fearfeeder - and its power grows as it feeds off the deepest fears of its victims.  In most cases, children.  One moment it is a chainsaw wielding madman with a mask carved from strips of human flesh.  The next it is a nest of flesh-eating alien beings.  

It also embodies Ellie's greatest fear - the one that got away, but not before putting her boss and mentor Calvin into a wheelchair.  When Ellie's and Stacey's newest case returns them to a familiar street, Ellie knows she can't stop until this entity is destroyed for good.

But a fearfeeder takes on many forms, making it almost impossible to discern its true identity - and therefore capture it.  And it isn't immune from using dirty tricks to trap the team, turning the hunters into huntees.

A lovely three-story Victorian has been converted into three apartments and a small studio in half the basement.  The remaining half is a commons area with washers and dryers for the residents.  But something else lurks behind the locked furnace room door, crawling out at night like a giant spider from its lair.  In their investigation, a chance glance behind the door reveals an ancient well that was only covered over instead of filled in.  But someone has uncovered it.

And nameless evils crawl up from the darkness.

With Calvin's help on this case, the three investigators must come face-to-face with their deepest fears.  Ellie must weed through centuries of history to discern the truth about the evil occupying the land and discern who the faceless and nameless fearfeeder truly is in order to stop it.

Before another child vanishes in its clutches.

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