Monday, October 19, 2015

Announcing a New Series!

Hello, dear readers!

A personal post to you tonight - and an update on the status of my upcoming humorous mystery series.

The first in the Before and After series entitled LOOK BEFORE YOU JUMP is coming along nicely. I'm nearing completion and have already begun first round edits with my critique group, as the critiquing process can be time consuming.  Once they've had a chance to thoroughly vet the manuscript, then my second round of edits will begin.

With some of the problems I had with the pre-order process of RISING FROM THE DARKNESS, the finale of the Deepest Darkness series, I've really debated whether or not I will go the pre-order route again.  We'll see what kind of time-frame I'm looking at once the initial round of edits are in and I have a better idea of exactly when I'll schedule LBYJ for release.

In the meantime, you can follow some of the quotes and tidbits of my new series by running over to my Facebook page HERE.  I really enjoy the direct and real-time interaction with fans that outlet provides.  Ask questions, comment, or just follow updates concerning my writing process.

Then watch soon for information on the cover reveal for LOOK BEFORE YOU JUMP.

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