Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cover Reveal - Knock Before You Enter

The story writ.  The release nears.  The cover made.

The cover you ask?


Your favorite bartender is headed on vacation - and this time it isn't all handsome hunks and high heels.  More like grumpy gators and a grandmother on the side as Vicki heads to Louisiana for the holidays.

So with neither fanfare nor frolicking and with nary a nudge (okay, maybe a little), catch the first glimpse of the brand new cover for KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER, book three in the Bartender Babe Chronicles coming December 15th.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Catastrophic Coffee New Podcast Episode

Hey, readers!  If you aren't yet aware, I've partnered with fellow author William Brian Johnson to host a podcast on writing and self-publishing - and we've got a new episode posted on D A Bale Publishing.

Click on the Podcast tab up above or HERE for the link to all four episodes thus far, including the most recent Episode 4: Marketing for Idiots, Complete Idiots, No Not You.  Some of the promotional websites we discuss during this episode are referenced below:


Low Cost

Mid Cost

High Cost 

If you like what you hear and have a specific topic you'd like us to pursue, email us at  Stay tuned for more episodes!