Friday, April 17, 2015

First Glimpse - Cover Reveal for RISING FROM THE DARKNESS

You've waited patiently for years, dear readers.

You've emailed, wondering where that next release is.  Wondering when that next release would surface.  Wondering how Samantha's journey would end.

I thank you for your patience, dear readers, as I learned the path of an indie author, the time-consuming ropes of marketing, and also while I stuttered about when life impeded writing.

It's been a few years since my last release, but the wait it nearly over.  The finale has almost arrived.  Now for the details.

Beginning May 1st you can pre-order at several major ebook outlets the third and final book in the Deepest Darkness series - RISING FROM THE DARKNESS.  Official release is July 1st.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of the first two in the Deepest Darkness series, you can still access RUNNING INTO THE DARKNESS free in digital format and PIERCING THE DARKNESS for $2.99 in digital format on the right sidebar.  Also available in print, for those of you who like to feel the weight of good 'ol paper in your hands.

In the meantime, be among the first to gaze upon the brand, spanking new cover below.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Book Blurb:
It’s finally here – the explosive finale of the Deepest Darkness series.

Samantha Bartlett has a new mission – and this time it’s one of her own choosing.  Armed with information worth killing for, Samantha pieces together secrets spanning generations and uncovers the key to Debrille’s plans, including the horror of his true identity.  But will it be enough for redemption?  Especially when facing the bridges she’s burned?

Life was once clearly black or white, but now Joe Roberts has a target on his back – and it’s sighted by his boss at the FBI.  It’s not just from running off with their primary suspect in President Warner’s murder and then allowing her to escape.  No.  He’s the Elite’s latest scapegoat.  That alone begs the question.  Is Sam a cold-blooded killer or a mere pawn used in a global chess game?

World War III looms on the horizon as the Middle East threatens to implode, world alliances are scrapped, and a once tenuous truce with a former enemy collapses – all under President Durksen’s watch.  Shadowed by the Elite’s constant and vigilant guard, Durksen must find a way out of the hole he dug for himself long ago.  But can he accomplish it in time, or will the United States die like so many nations before it?

Explosions light up the night.  Friend becomes foe.  Sister against sister.  Lives are lost.  Sacrifices made.  But in order to realize true freedom, evil must be defeated.

No matter the cost.

A huge thank you once again to Genevieve at LaVO Design ( for the awesome cover art.

Thanks also to participants in my cover reveal.  Click on the links and visit their sites to offer up support of fellow authors and readers.  I'll be updating the links throughout the day as posts go live, so keep watching.

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