Friday, October 28, 2011

Rating Success

This week I finally accomplished something I'd anticipated for a huge majority of my life.

I can now call myself a published author.

Though my manuscript is currently under review for proper formatting, cover art, etc., I successfully downloaded the entire thing into the ebook universe.  Even though they will allow purchase of the unreviewed product, I wish to ensure it passes muster before I make it available to you, my dear readers.

It's a pride thing, you know.

Funny thing is, the book wasn't up more than two days and I actually had a purchase.  Yay!  I call that a success.

As soon as it receives the rubber stamp seal of approval, I will link to the sites where it can be purchased and downloaded in all formats, Kindle, Nook, I-pad, Sony, etc.  Until then, enjoy the view of the cover art of Running into the Darkness.

Then I'll give you updates as I have them.  Rating success comes in many forms.  The fact that I completed all of the steps thus far, downloaded my manuscript, and have a purchase under my belt already goes way far in my book.

And all before Christmas!

Yep, I call all of those successes indeed.