Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sequel Announcement!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make tonight.

Piercing the Darkness is ready for publishing!

As you are aware, I've been going round and round concerning the cover art.  For weeks now the content has been formatted and ready to upload - it's been the pesky cover art that has given me too many sleepless nights.

Recently I was told the original cover was being scrapped and the process would start all over again due to the new cover artist being so new to the whole platform.  Things just weren't on track to match the appearance of the wonderful cover artist I'd retained last year. 

The scrapping of the cover art sent me into a panic, because that meant publishing would be severely delayed into 2013.  So in order to avoid any further delays, I requested and was granted a few minor changes to the original cover in order to get SOMETHING out to my patient readers before the end of the year.  We can always go back and modify the cover at a later date.

As of this evening, Piercing the Darkness is live and available for purchase on Smashwords at .  Within the next few days, it will be live on Amazon Kindle and then Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc.  I'll be sure and update you as the other sites become available.

In the meantime, re-read Running into the Darkness or pick up your own copy while it is still available on sale for only ninety-nine cents.  Then you'll be set to go with the continuation of the Deepest Darkness series.


  1. One of the nicest sequel announcements I've read - and I'll be one of those downloading Running into the Dark in anticipation.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy reading RITD and that it whets your appetite for more from Piercing. Happy reading!