Monday, January 2, 2012

Techie Challenged

Welcome to the New Year!

Personally, I'm not much on those pesky New Year's Resolutions - who really keeps them anyway?  However, for 2012 I've made some personal (what I like to call) goals when it comes to my writing. 

Last night I stayed up until - well I guess you could say instead - this morning I stayed up until 1:30 trying to spend time getting more comfortable with the world of social media marketing.  Technology and I don't get along as well as we perhaps should - I call that being "Techie Challenged".  Part of my problem has been the fact that I normally just don't have the time to sit at a computer (unless I'm doing something I consider productive - namely writing) scrolling through websites, reading a ton of information, and just chatting with unknowns.

But last night I was invited to join an author's group on Goodreads, which is thus far my favorite social networking site.  For hours I read many of the threads of conversation, started a thread about critique groups and editing, and interacted with several fellow authors from across the country (heck, maybe even around the globe).  It was a blast!

Plus I learned alot about the importance of just making acquaintences without trying to push my story.  Perhaps that's a mistake I've made through other social sites.  However, I'm finding Goodreads to be my site of choice, mainly because it is comfortable corresponding with fellow authors in a relaxed setting, whereas on Facebook and Twitter it "feels" more like marketing and is missing that sense of connectedness.

So for the New Year, I'm making Goodreads my focus for interacting with and learning from my fellow authors about this mess called technology.

Then there's also that writing goal.

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