Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Free Preview

This week I've been hard at work, finishing up a short story I started some time ago. 

The plan is to get my critique group to review it and provide feedback, get a cover finalized, then put it out on Amazon for their Kindle Select program.  I'd like to be able to offer it for free, but it appears the only way I can get it on here for free is to make it a part of Amazon's program for ninety days.  Out of that time, I'll get to post it for free a grand total of five days.  Then I'll have to charge a minimum price of ninety-nine cents.  After the ninety days, I'll place it on Smashwords as a freebie.

The goal in all of this is to find readers and introduce them to my writing.  Hopefully, they'll like what they read and decide to take a chance on purchasing my current (and future) works. 

So here for you, my dear readers, is the preview to my upcoming short story:

Katie is desperate.

A dead-end job disappears.  Unemployment payouts soon to cease, Katie is overcome by anger at life’s circumstances.  Nothing and no one to fall back on in tough times.

Until the offer.

They’ll pay her ten thousand.  It’ll be like a vacation for thirty days.  No complications.  No worries.

So Katie agrees.

But things are not as promised.  The vacation soon becomes a veritable imprisonment.  Too late she realizes they’ll only release her if she succumbs.

Katie’s life forever changes when she agrees to join…

…The Study

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