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Are you working on a manuscript?  If you are in need of affordable novel editing services, you've found the right place.

This is NOT a simple proofing service.  My service is a full-scale developmental edit, including point-of-view usage, passive vs. active voice, pacing, sentence structure, etc., as well as the typical proofing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation usage.  For an example of editing, please submit any five to six pages of your manuscript.  I will review the submitted work and respond utilizing the Track Changes function.  I no longer accept paper copies for editing purposes.

Please submit manuscript formatted as follows:
Microsoft Word file
One inch margins
Double spaced
12 pt font size
Times New Roman (preferred), Arial, or Courier font style

Also include information as to your genre/target audience.  Do not include within the manuscript anything you do not wish edited (front and back matter, embedded cover, etc.). Pricing will be calculated based upon the initial submitted page count formatted as stated above.

Please submit all requests to:

Pricing is $3.00 per page as formatted above.  As a comparison, a standard proofreading runs approximately .016 per word and full editing approximately .030 per word.  At 50,000 words, this would approximate to $800 and $1,500 respectively.  As formatted above, each page is estimated to contain approximately 250 to 300 words.  At 50,000 words, this amounts to approximately 166 to 200 pages.  At $3.00 a page, my full-scale professional editing fee for the aforementioned number of pages would only run $500 to $600, a huge savings for a fledgling author!  I also work with you on payments, splitting the fee into thirds or quarters instead of one lump sum.  All you have to do is communicate which payment breakdown works best for your financial situation.

Payment is accepted via PayPal.  Please do NOT submit payment up front.  Payment will be communicated once I have accepted your book for editing.  It's a great time to be a writer!

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  1. The question on the table is – Do you want your book to be the best it can be? If so, then without question you need to work with DA Bale. I was convinced my novel was in great shape – so much so that I published it. It had been proofed by two professionals, formatted by a pro, read by many, and yet as I would come to see, it really needed one final edit to maximize its potential.

    Working with D was a pleasure, she’s a true professional in all respects. Her recommendations were insightful and more to the point, they made the story a much more compelling read. One free of all those little idiosyncrasies that can distract a reader.

    But what I found to be invaluable was that D not only points out story inconsistences and issues involving writing mechanics, she offers up solutions. Often correcting minor issues on her own.

    I’ll sum it up this way – D made me a better writer, and did so with the utmost respect. To be clear – D is an editor not merely a proofreader – huge difference.