Cover Design

A beautiful cover is what first grabs a reader's attention.  It can make an enormous difference between garnering a sale or losing interest.

Believe me - I've seen it.  I am an author after all, and can attest to the validity a professional cover provides.  The only problem?  How can a struggling author afford paying $250 to $500 and more per book?

If you're like me and need affordable cover design services for your upcoming novel release, you've come to the right place.  Get professional grade cover art for a fraction of the cost right here - right now.  D A Bale Publishing has partnered with a digital media specialist to bring this service to you.

If you're looking for digital art only or a print cover option, we've got packages tailored to your needs.

  • Pre-Made EBook Cover                             $35
  • Pre-Made Print Cover                                $50
  • EBook Cover Package                               $75*
  • Print Cover Package                                  $125.00*
  • EBook and Print Covers Combo Package $175.00 (save $25)*

We'll work closely with you to create a cover you will be proud to display on your shelf for years to come.  Contact at to get started today and let us know if you'd like a custom cover or pre-made.  Or you can click the PayPal button below to make it easier.

*Cost of stock photos not included.

Here are our pre-mades:

Cover Design Package

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