Saturday, February 14, 2015


The spotlight shines today on A.D. Phillips' latest release TERMINATION NOTICE.  I really like the cover, how about you?  Check it out if you want something exciting with a kick-butt heroine on this Valentine's Day.  Then stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with this up-and-coming author.

Book Blurb:
A serial strangler. A detective with a conflict of interest. Solving this case could be murder.

When a reclusive musician is strangled with a computer cable, the most promising clue is a contract termination notice from Taurus Studios: a game design company headed by Adrian Pryce, a successful entrepreneur who is the police's number one suspect.

The lead investigator is Lucy Duvall, a career-driven detective whose frosty personality makes her difficult to work with. Her Philadelphia PD colleagues are as shocked as anyone when she shows a more compassionate side, but for Lucy this case is personal. Years ago when they were at college, Adrian saved Lucy's life and they became lovers, but their relationship ended sourly when she found out he'd been sleeping with another woman.

After a second victim is discovered, all the evidence points to Adrian. Suspended for misconduct, Lucy begins to doubt his innocence. As more employees are terminated by the 'Taurus Strangler' - and Lucy narrowly survives an attempt on her own life - she must decide whether to trust the man who betrayed her.

Is Adrian the victim of an elaborate frame-up? Or a scheming, cold-blooded killer?
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Author Bio:
A.D. Phillips lives in Manchester, UK. The author holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and currently works
as an analyst, but has previously been a mathematics teacher and a researcher based at NASA Goddard, USA.

Despite having a non-literary background, A.D. has a passion for creative writing, and is the author of numerous works of fiction, most notably a series of text adventure games (in the style of 80s Infocom works) that are currently available as free downloads from specialist websites.

Most of the author's works feature female protagonists and/or villainesses. Favourite genres are action adventures, thrillers, and science fiction.

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