Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ebook Marketing Coming Soon

Some incredible news to share with you today, dear readers.

I've been working on an article about marketing eBooks, asking for ideas from fellow authors on what works/what doesn't, and trying some new things myself.  This isn't going to be just the standard bland article on social media marketing - you can find that anywhere.  What I've been working on is searching for real-world "how-to's" that truly work so that I can hopefully help the other indie writers out there with some actual, practical things that have real results.  That's all coming this September.

But the purpose of my note to you today is that I tried something totally new myself within this past week - and have had some pretty amazing results.  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy when I can sell a handful of books every month.  Well today - and I'm still in shock, mind you - I've had a whopping fifty-three sales today.

Yes, that's a big 5-3 total book sales as of this writing - and all in ONE DAY.  This blows my previous best day out of the water.

Now I've got to find a way to keep up with the momentum.  And don't worry, I will include this lovely tidbit in the article to be posted in just over a month's time.  It's my goal to help you also be able to sell that many and more in one day.

Remember also - all my books are ninety-nine cents now through Labor Day on all eBook outlets such as:

Amazon - Running into the Darkness
Barnes & Noble - Running into the Darkness
Smashwords - Running into the Darkness

Amazon - Piercing the Darkness
Barnes & Noble - Piercing the Darkness
Smashwords - Piercing the Darkness

So stay tuned for the article in September!

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