Sunday, July 22, 2012

Putting It To Bed

Major announcement tonight.

This evening at 10:59 pm, Central Daylight Time, the first draft of "Piercing the Darkness" was officially completed.

It's even ahead of schedule.

For the last three weeks, I have used every single available ounce of time (and then some) to squeeze as many chapters of this sequel out of my fatigued brain as possible.  The state of my home has suffered.  My gardens are an overgrown mess.  Time with my son has suffered (but he's a teenager so he's doing his own thing alot too).  My poor kitties have spent countless hours laying all over my desk, trying their hardest to get any scrap of alone time with me.

Even though it's involved sharing said time with my computer.

These last four days I've stayed up far too late, spent too little time on the treadmill and too much time getting the secretary spread.  I'm not that old, but my joints are trying to convince me otherwise. 

Hoped I'd have the time to get it done within the next two or three weekends.  Instead the marathon has produced incredible results.  What I initially intended to accomplish by the end of August was finished before the final day of July.

And I'm thrilled to death.

So for the next few weeks the pages will curl and yellow as they sit untouched on my computer.  Like a fine wine, it gets tastier to drink when you leave it alone and let it age in the barrel before disturbing it again.  I've already got ideas for a few scene additions, but for now it will ruminate.

And I will celebrate putting another one to bed.

For now, I'm putting myself to bed.  But stay tuned. 

There will be a third - and I've got something fun in store for that one.


  1. What a great accomplishment! Now, with the second draft looming the fun starts again.

    1. Thanks, Gary! You aren't kidding either, as I've already got a page of notes to consider for final draft. :-)