Saturday, January 10, 2015


Over the last couple of years, I've been learning the way of the Twitter-pated when it comes to social media marketing.  As most regular readers know, tech savvy I am not.  But throughout my learning curve, I've 'met' other writers, readers, and just regular folk who enjoy the social networking world.  Along the way I've given advice and received help through countless sources.

One such fellow author actually took time to download and review RUNNING INTO THE DARKNESS for his blog - and a generous review it is.  Reviews are what make all of the solitary moments of an author's life so much more worthwhile.

So if you have time in the next few days, take a moment to run over and check out Action Girl Books' review of my novel by clicking HERE.  Be sure and let him know how much it is appreciated.

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  1. You're welcome to the review. Thanks for providing the post on your blog and the link to my account.

    It's much appreciated.