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Most everyone will tell you - the hardest part of being an author is writing that darn book blurb.  You break out in a sweat.  It keeps you up stewing all night long.  What keywords should you use?  How much should you reveal?  Who should you mention?

Taking your 80k to 100k novel full of people and places and shrinking it into a mere 200 to 300 words is a daunting task most would rather avoid.

Fear not, my fellow authors - The Blurb Doctor is in!

Why waste valuable writing time, pursuing something guaranteed to offer only headache and indigestion, when you can let me do it for you?  I've been assisting authors for over ten years with editing manuscripts and crafting those pesky blurbs.  Something others find abhorrent, I actually enjoy (I always was an odd child).

If you have an existing blurb you'd like tightened and sharpened, I'll take it off your hands and clean it up for the low price of $30.

If you'd rather hand off the entire process and return to more pleasurable pursuits, I'll write you a blurb from scratch for the slightly higher price of $50.  I'll just need some additional information from you first.

From taglines to keywords, I'll work hard with you upfront and during the process to craft an exciting, sensuous, or hilarious blurb you'll be happy to display on your novel's product page and back cover, including up to four revisions.  I work with most genres and sub-genres.

Before you click the PayPal Buy Now button below, be sure to email me at to verify availability and timing.  If you do not have a regular PayPal account or credit card, I can also send an invoice for payment.

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  1. I hired DA Bale to re-do one of my existing blurbs. She did an amazing job and it was a pleasure working with her. She was very quick to respond to all emails and a true professional. If you need help making your blurb sizzle, don’t hesitate in hiring DA!